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About Us

Beachify.ca is an independent, locally owned and operated community news and information website serving the Beaches-area of Toronto. Beachify has a unique, hyperlocal focus. Our mission is to deliver relevant, informed local content that drives community and civic engagement, and promotes the Beach as a destination for business and tourism.

About Beachify.

Beachify embraces journalistic principals of independence, integrity, and transparency. All of our stories, content, and photographs are produced here in the Beach by a small, dedicated local team. Our directory listings include detailed information on over 500 local businesses, community groups, churches and schools, attractions, and points of historical interest.

Our logo represents one of the many bays of the Beach with a map pin centred in it, representing our hyperlocal focus on the Beach.

Our service area

We serve the Beach, bordered on the south by the shore of Lake Ontario, by Kingston Road to the north, Victoria Park Avenue to the east, and Coxwell Avenue to the west.

Service area map.

Our catchment area encompasses the postal codes M4E and M4L. We also include listings for out-of-area entities that are of local interest or relevance, such as area hospitals and City Hall.

About this website

This website was designed and built by Beachify Web, the web agency behind Beachify. It features a responsive, mobile-first design that works equally well on desktops, tablets and smartphones. The site was hand-crafted from Open Source components, and uses data and feeds from the City of Toronto Open Data portal.

Contacting Beachify

It’s easy to get in touch with us. Call us at 647-572-1961 during regular business hours, email us at feedback@beachify.ca, or visit our Contact Us page to use our handy feedback forms.

Privacy Policy

We are deeply committed to the issue of privacy. To the maximum extent possible we strive to keep any data that you provide to us private and secure. Our site is hardened against common exploits and threats, and we utilize best practices in site and data security. Please see our Privacy Policy for more complete details on how we collect and handle your information, and what steps we take to keep your data secure.

Terms of Service

By using this website, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Service. Our terms of service basically state that you agree to behave in a respectful manner to other users of the site, you agree not to post obscene or offensive materials, and that you won’t steal any of our content or try to hack our site.

Please review our Terms of Service before continuing to use the website.

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