Kew Beach

Shore of Lake Ontario, Woodbine Ave. to Scarboro Beach Blvd. M4E 2N9

Near Lee Ave. & Alfresco Lawn

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About Kew Beach

Kew Beach is a historic stretch of beach on the shore of Lake Ontario, south of Kew Gardens at the foot of Lee Avenue & Alfresco Lawn.

Kew Beach is one of four contiguous beaches that make up "The Beach" (west to east); Woodbine Beach, Kew Beach, Scarboro Beach, and Balmy Beach. These divisions are historic - this same stretch of beach is today described as Woodbine Beach/Kew-Balmy Beach by the City of Toronto.

The Boardwalk runs the entire length of the beach, about 2.5 km ( 1.5 miles), and is paralleled by the eastern end of the Martin Goodman Trail.


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