Privacy Policy

Introduction (“Beachify” or “the website”) is an Internet website owned and operated by Beachify Inc., a Canadian corporation. This privacy policy describes what information we collect, how we use that information, and what options we offer you to control and manage your personal information.

We are deeply committed to the issue of privacy. To the maximum extent possible we strive to keep any data that you provide to us private and secure. Our site is hardened against common exploits and threats, and we utilize best practices in site and data security.

If you choose to provide personal information (“Data”) to Beachify, Beachify will need to process that information in order to offer the Services provided by the website. By using the website you confirm that you have read and understood the Terms of Service and this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) including how and why we use your information and that your use of the website is subject to the applicable Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy. If you do not want us to collect or process your personal information as described herein, you have several choices including limiting the information we collect on you, or not using the website.

1. How we collect information about you

In the course of providing you access to the website, Products and Services, Beachify collects and receives personal information in a few ways. Often, you can choose what information to provide, but in some cases we require personal information from you to carry out certain activities such as account verification. This section details the ways in which we collect information from you and how we process, store, and protect that information.

2. Account Registration

Although the website provides for anonymous usage, sometimes in order to provide certain Products and Services, we require account registration. This requires a name associated with your account, an email address at which we can contact you, and a password to help secure your personal information. In some cases, additional information including a contact address, email address, telephone number may be required to provide certain Products or Services.

In order to provide these Products and Services, we may first need to verify your identity. We will make reasonable efforts to verify your identity, however if we are unable to do so, we reserve the right to refuse such a request in keeping with data privacy and information security principles.

3. Profile Information

When completing a “profile” as part of the account registration process, we may require you to share with Beachify certain personally identifying information in required and optional profile Data fields. In cases where the website specifically states that a Data field is not required, you are free not to provide this Data without consequences to the availability or the functioning of the website.

4. Information Collected Automatically

Beachify receives and records information from your browser or mobile device when you visit the website, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address or unique device identifier. Automatically collected data about which pages you visit on our website allow us to operate and optimize the Services we provide to you. This information is stored in secure logs and is collected automatically. We may combine this browser information with other information we collect about you. This information is used to keep the website secure, to personalize your experience, to analyze and understand how our website, Products and Services are used, to optimize such usage, and to provide advertising across the website.

5. Location Information

When you use the Beachify website, and certain of our Products and Services, we collect location information about you including your IP address, your location, browser information, and how you came to the Beachify website. This is the case for individuals who have registered for an account, and non-members who engage with the Beachify website by visiting our website but who have not completed an account registration. This information is collected for various purposes, including advertising, analytics and to serve content as it relates to certain Products or Services, as well as to provide you with localized content, recommendations, and marketing. Certain location information we collect is required for security and site functionality. We may share this information with certain third-parties (e.g. payment processors, advertising providers) in order to provide you with our Products and Services.

6. Information from Third Parties

We may share some personal information with third parties who provide Services to Beachify, such as payment processors, email delivery Services, and advertising providers. When Beachify shares your personal information with third party Services providers, we provide only the minimum information required by them to provide the Services, and we require that they use your information only for the purpose of providing Services to us, and that their terms are consistent with this privacy policy.

7. Analytics Information

Beachify may use data analytics to ensure site functionality and to optimize our Product and Services offerings to you. In doing so, we record information including, for example how often you visit the website, how often you contribute content, website performance data, errors and debugging information, and the type of activity you engage in while on the website or in your use of our Products and Services. We may on occasion share this information with third parties for research or product and Services optimization.

8. Billing Information

For Products and Services requiring payment, we collect a billing name, phone number, and email address. We also collect a billing and shipping address for invoicing purposes. If you elect to pay by credit card, Beachify may engage a third party to securely process your payment. All payment processing is done through a PCI DSS compliant third party. If customers are paying by a credit card, their card details are vaulted through a third party payment gateway. Beachify will store an encrypted token along with the last four digits of the credit card and the expiration month and year of the card and will not store or retain any other billing information about you.

9. Advertising Products

Beachify may partner with third parties to display advertisements on our website. Beachify and its third party partners may collect and use your personal information to tailor your advertising experience to suit your interests and preferences, as well as to monitor your account activity in order to optimize our Products and Services.

We seek to limit what information advertisers and similar third parties have access to, as well as to ensure that your user experience on the Beachify website is not overwhelmed by advertising. However, our advertising products and Services require us to collect certain personal and non-personal information on you, which may include:

  • Data from advertising technologies like cookies, web beacons, pixels, ad tags, and browser/device identifiers
  • Information you have provided to us directly including profile information
  • Usage analytics including your visits to the website, browsing and search history
  • Information from our advertising partners (e.g., device type and location)
  • Your choice and control of personal information

Privacy and security are guiding principles of all Beachify Products and Services. To this end, we provide you with the ability to control how your information is stored, and what information is collected. You may change or correct your account settings, and choose not to share certain information. Much of the data we collect is voluntary and your choice entirely to provide us or not. You may also remove certain optional information that you no longer wish us to store. Should you wish, you may also request the permanent deletion of your account, in which case all personal information collected on you will be removed from our servers and encrypted (except, in some cases your IP address required for security purposes, site maintenance, and spam protection).

You may additionally control the receipt of marketing and advertising communications from Beachify. Some messages that we send are required and related to our legal obligations, or Services-related messages. We provide you with the opportunity to control which voluntary messages you would like to receive in your Profile Settings.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small piece of text that allows us to recognize your device and maintain a consistent, cohesive experience throughout multiple sessions.

In order to provide the Beachify website along with the Products and Services described in this policy, we may place cookies on your device. Third-parties, including advertising partners, may also use cookies or other similar technologies to provide advertising based on your browsing activities and interests.

This policy describes how both Beachify and its third-party partners use cookies both within and without the Beachify website and how you can exercise a greater degree of control over cookies. Please keep in mind that this may alter your experience with our website, and may limit certain features (including being logged in as a user).

10. General Browsing

We use cookies that are important for certain technical features of our website, like logging into user accounts and implementing fixes and improvements to our platform. These cookies:

  • Enable behavior in our Products and/or Services that is tailored to the activity or preferences of a person visiting our website
  • Allow users to opt out of certain types of modeling, tailoring, or personalization in our products
  • Collect information on our users’ preferences in order to create more useful products
  • Maintain the regular business operations of our Advertising and Marketing department
  • Help to diagnose and correct downtime, bugs, and errors in our code to ensure that our products are operating efficiently

11. Advertising:

We use cookies to enable advertising with our third-party Partners, which in turn allows us to provide many of our Services free of charge. These cookies:

  • Customize the ad experience for our users
  • Allow direct communication between a third-party partner who hosts an event with us, and users who have opted into the event
  • Allow us to track when a Beachify user sees or clicks on an ad or later visits a third-party website or purchases a product on a third-party website
  • Collect impressions and click data for internal reporting and product optimization

12. Analytics:

We use cookies to compile usage activity in order to better cater our Products and Services offerings to you, and to third parties. We DO NOT share identifiable “raw” data with our clients or any third parties, however we do make high-level decisions based on aggregated data about your usage of our Products and Services. These cookies:

  • Monitor site traffic and behavior flows of users
  • Measure the effectiveness of on-site products
  • Measure the effectiveness of off-site marketing campaigns

13. What information is collected by cookies?

In general, we collect most data from you via form submission. However, there are cases when visiting our website and/or using our Products and Services in which we may receive certain information through the use of cookies. This data will generally not include personally identifying information about you. This data includes:

  • Unique identification tokens
  • User preferences such as favorite tags (for anonymous users)

14. Third Party Cookies

The use of cookies, the names of cookies, and other cookies related cookies technology may change over time and Beachify will make all reasonable efforts to notify you by updating our Cookies Policy where material changes occur. Please also note that companies and other organization that serve advertisements on Beachify may use cookies or other related technologies to learn more about your interest in their products and Services, and in some cases to tailor such products and Services to you.

15. How do I restrict cookies?

If you don’t want Beachify to use cookies when you visit our website, you can adjust the settings on your internet browser and choose from the available Cookies setting to best meet your preferences. While setting options may vary from browser to browser, you can generally choose to reject some or all cookies, or instead to receive a notification when a cookie is being placed on your device. For more information, please refer to the user help information for your browser of choice. Please keep in mind that cookies may be required for certain functionalities, and by blocking these cookies, you may limit your access to certain parts or features of our sites and platforms.

Finally, while cookies are set for varying durations on your device, you can manually delete them at any time. However, deleting cookies will not prevent the site from setting further cookies on your device unless you adjust the settings discussed above.

Data Processing Disclosure

When you access the Beachify website and use the Products and Services we offer, we collect, display, store, share, transmit, and process your information in the manner described in this policy. In order to carry out these activities, Beachify may rely on a number of legal bases in order to process your personal data, including where:

  • Necessary to perform the Services obligations described in our Terms of Services, and in order to provide the Products and Services to you
  • Necessary for a third party’s, or our, legitimate interests
  • Necessary to comply with a legal obligation or to defend legal claims
  • Necessary to protect the public interest or vital interest of others
  • You have expressly made information public
  • You have consented to the processing, which may be revoked at any time

We use your information to provide and improve our Products and Services, for identity verification, to provide support, for online and offline marketing, and for general research and analytics reporting. As a core part of our business, Beachify has a legitimate interest in enabling and customizing your experience of our Product and Services offerings.

All records containing personal or financial information are afforded confidential treatment at all times. Beachify is committed to the safety and security of your personal data and the information that you share with us.

16. Compliance with Regulatory and Legal Obligations

Beachify has a legitimate interest in complying with its legal obligations and interests which, from time to time, may require the disclosure of your personal information. Beachify will not disclose your personal information to legal authorities except where such disclosure is by lawful request, including to meet legitimate national security or law enforcement demands (including a subpoena, court order, or other lawful legal demand by a legal authority with lawful jurisdiction). In some cases, we may also release your personal information to defend our legitimate legal interests. We consider our obligation to protect the Beachify community from imminent physical harm to be both a legitimate business interest as well as to be within the public interest and may disclose your personal information if we believe you or another individual may be in imminent danger of harm to yourself or to another.

17. Marketing and Product Communications

From time to time, Beachify may communicate with you about commercial and other Product and Services offerings. In doing so, we provide you with an opportunity to opt-out of such messages at any time you choose via the unsubscribe function. Beachify will not sell your personal information (except as may relate to a corporate event such as a sale or merger), and as we are committed to preventing spam, our direct marketing efforts are limited in scope and frequency. We engage in such activities as a legitimate business interest in order to promote key Products and Services offerings and provide you with every opportunity to unsubscribe from such communications or to further limit their scope and frequency.

18. Direct Marketing Opt-out

You may opt-out of receiving Beachify email marketing materials by using the unsubscribe link in these communications or by changing your settings.

19. Data Transfers is developed, maintained and hosted in Canada. You may be able to access the Beachify website from elsewhere in the world, and are subject to the local laws of your jurisdiction. By accessing the Beachify website from outside Canada, you acknowledge that your personal data may be collected and transferred from your local jurisdiction (including member states to the European Union) to Canada.

Where Beachify transfers your personal data from your local jurisdiction (including member states to the European Union) we rely on lawful and secure transfer mechanisms to do so.

20. Our commitment to Data Security

We are deeply committed to the issue of privacy and data security. To the maximum extent possible we strive to keep any data that you provide to us private and secure. Beachify follows generally accepted standards and best practices to protect your personal information when processing, transferring, and storing your personal information including Transport Layer Security (“TLS”), by restricting your personal data when we do not need to access it and by keeping your personal data only as necessary to perform our legitimate business interests.

You too have an important role to play in helping us protect your personal information. We encourage you to protect yourself against unauthorized access to your personal information by choosing a password carefully. Do not share your password with anyone you do not trust, make sure your computer accesses via a secure network and that you do not leave your personal information vulnerable to hackers and other bad actors by leaving your computer unattended or by failing to logout of your account when you have ended your session activity.

Privacy Policy Amendments

We may amend or update this policy from time to time, and will notify you of any material changes to this policy. Previous versions of this privacy policy are available upon request.

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