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Website Design

Looking to build or upgrade your website but don't know where to begin? Let Beachify help guide you through the process. We're experts in web design and development, so we have the skills and experience to help you make the right choices. And we can help find a solution to fit just about any budget. Why not give us a call? The initial consultation is free.


Need a simple, inexpensive solution to help get you off the ground? WordPress sites offer tremendous choice & flexibility at a reasonable cost. Beachify can help find a WordPress solution that fits your budget.


Custom Sites

Looking to grow your business and want to expand your capabilities online? Beachify can help. We can build a custom open-source solution that will scale with your business. Need an App? We can do that too.



Do you already have a site that just needs a little TLC? Tired of maintenance headaches? We can help. Make Beachify your local partner for site maintenance and upgrades. You'll be surprised how affordable it can be.


WordPress Sites

Chances are that you’ve probably heard of WordPress before. WordPress is the web’s most established content management system (CMS). Over 30% of the top 10 million websites are built on WordPress, and with good reason; easy to use and affordable, WordPress is ideal for individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses who want a simple, pre-configured solution for their website.

WordPress uses a combination of Themes (design/appearance) and Plugins (functions/features) to deliver a customized website. WordPress themes allow you to change to look and feel of your site by applying different colors, fonts, and layouts. There are literally thousand to themes to choose from. Plugins allow your WordPress site to support sophisticated features like e-commerce and CRM. There are over 50,000 plugins for WordPress. The content for the site is supplied by you.

The WordPress dashboard
The WordPress Admin dashboard

Setting up and configuring a WordPress site can be daunting for the non-technical. You also need to consider how to organize the content for your site – text, images, photos, and the like. If you’ve never used WordPress before, you’ll probably want some training. And finally, if you want any special customizations, you’ll need a PHP developer.

Beachify can help. First, we’ll make sure that WordPress is right for you. Once we understand your requirements, we can help you choose a template and the right plugins to deliver the experience you want. We’ll expertly configure and customize your new site, and train you how to use it. We can also help create and load your site content. Finally, we’ll support you every step of the way. All at a price that fits your budget.

Custom Sites & Apps

Looking for something special that sets you apart from the crowd? Do you need customizations that go beyond the limitations of WordPress? Do you want to integrate other line-of-business systems into your site? Does your website suck? Beachify might be the right partner for you.

Our specialty is turn-key custom web development. That means we can build you a site from scratch, or customize an open-source CMS like Drupal. We can also provide full creative design services and web-ready photography for a complete, turn-key solution. If you haven’t already, check out our work on That’s hand-crafted code, lovingly made here in the Beach.

We’ll begin by understanding your goals and requirements, creating a realistic plan and budget to achieve your objectives. We’ll create a design that you’ll love, and we will expertly hand-craft your site to the highest standards using the latest technologies. We’ll guide you through the entire process, train you how to use the system, and support you once your site is live.

Give us a call or shoot us an email for a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

Website Maintenance & Upgrades

Site maintenance can be a pain. Beachify can help take the sting out of site maintenance and upgrades.

We’re technology experts, so we get the importance of keeping your site up to date. We also have the tools and the skills to make sure that site upgrades and maintenance go without a hitch. Our hourly and monthly plans make it easy and affordable to outsource your maintenance and upgrade tasks to us.

Give Beachify a call. Let’s discuss how we can help take the pain out of maintaining your website.

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